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Jesse Genns

April 1st, 2023





Like many Canadian young men growing up on farms in middle Canada, country music was everywhere and a “near mandatory love of country music was required” ~Jesse Genns.

Some of the real 90’s legends influenced Jesse- Brooks and Dunn, George Straight, and Garth Brooks to name a few. Genns’s has found his taste has changed over time, leaning towards more of an Americana and Outlaw sound. Influenced by some of Canada’s growing artists in the genre, Colter Wall, Will Ardell, JJ Voss and many more. 

From a young age Jesse felt a calling to play music and perform. Genns’s music story reads like the lyrics of a country song, getting his start in a small-town church choir. In time Jesse moved on to learn the electric, acoustic, and Bass guitar as well as the drums. 

In 2019 Genns entered his first music contest the “Lucky Charlies Idol”, in Swift Current. Taking first place, the start of Genns professional career began. Playing small venues, rodeos, and local bars. Whether it be a small intimate show, a Rodeo Cabaret, or Honky Tonk, Genns has the same mentality “I love playing live because there’s no greater privilege than to have the chance to do what I love to do in front of a crowd of fans” 

In 2022 Jesse took the next step in his professional career, recording his first single with Aspen Beveridge at Skullcreek studio. Releasing his debut single “Home” later in the year helped Genns see his first sold out solo show in Swift Current.  

The deep almost beautifully haunting sound of Jesse’s voice makes him stand out amongst the hundreds of voices vying for listeners attention. Combined with moving but not cheesy lyrics Jesse’s single “Home” is the kind of song to the ear is what dark Brandy and rich cheese is to the palate. 

Despite his youthful vigour and energy, there is a quiet humbleness to Saskatchewan’s newest Outlaw/Neo-Traditional country music artist. With a bit of cheekiness, Jesse states “My main goal is to one day play the Opry with Garth Brooks, but in all reality, it’s for my music to reach and touch the lives and souls of my listeners and fans.  Without them, there’s no Jesse Genns.”   

We are excited to Welcome Jesse Genns

back to Manitoba 

Live on our Stage Saturday April 1, 2023

Doors @ 9pm

Music @ 10:30


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